Favorite Locations for Professional Photography – Timberline Lodge, Mt. Hood

This is, by far, my favorite destination for a photography session, and it is wonderful in any season. Timberline Lodge at Mt. Hood boasts the very best views in Oregon. Plus, the management generously allows professional photography inside the lodge! which is a fabulous way to warm up during winter sessions. (Hot chocolate, anyone?)


Photography at Timberline Lodge

Photography at Timberline Lodge by Liz Wade. Couple in the snow with their dog. They are holding hands

Photography at Timberline Lodge by Liz Wade - Couple sitting on patch of dirt surrounded by snow. They are wearing sweaters and laughing.

Photography at Timberline Lodge by Liz Wade - Maternity shot, mother-to-be in Scarlett red dress with one hand on baby bump and the other holding a red rose.

professional family photograph taken inside Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood by Liz Wade. The children are dressed in their Sunday best and enjoying a decadent hot chocolate.