Not Your Average Maternity Photos

I have been so excited to share these photos of a beautiful friend of mine. Michelle, already the mother of an extraordinary 4-year old, is a surrogate who recently gave birth to twins – a boy and a girl. We both expressed interest in capturing the last moments of her pregnancy in a less-than-traditional maternity session. Here are the results, and words from Michelle about her experience:

No matter what we each go through in our own personal journeys, there is an amazing amount of joy, beauty and love in surrogacy to be had. My story has touched the hearts of many, stirred controversy and ended in unconditional reward.

Surrogacy was more than a time of sacrifice, courage and selflessness, but a time of facing judgment to inevitably prevail through strength. There were times I found myself showered with support and admiration, then ironically followed by disapproval and shame. Regardless, surrogacy, to me, was a role I felt drawn to, a role of dignity, respect and challenge I couldn’t help but to pursue. After all, nothing worth doing is easy.

To be granted an opportunity in making someone’s dreams come true was a dream in itself. I’ll never forget the mixed feelings of fear, detachment and excitement throughout the duration of my pregnancy. Despite segments of loneliness, or physical discomfort, I genuinely enjoyed pregnancy in it’s entirety! Baby kicks and my growing belly brought feelings of bliss, while all along I maintained a figurative wall between me and the unborn babies.

The birth of the twins is best described as this: a new kind of love, a love with limits but ever-lasting grace.

Looking back on the challenge, I hold no regrets, but only relay strong words of advice: “Do what you feel in your heart to be right- because you will be criticized anyway.”

Corbin’s Mom, GS to Ellie & Tommy

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