Why hire Liz Wade as your family portrait photographer?

On the importance of hiring a professional family portrait photographer to capture your beautiful family

family portrait with a forest backdrob and light beaning through by Family Portrait Photographer, Liz Wade

Why is a family portrait important? Think of your family session as a record of an era. The professional photos that we make today will eventually be cherished prints in an album (yes, they still make those!), thumbed through by future generations. Whether your family has been in Portland, Oregon for many years or you are new to The Rose City, we have a plethora of beautiful backdrops to choose from for family photos.

candid pictures by Family Portrait Photographer, Liz Wade

Can my portraits be a little more candid? Professional family portraits do not have to be stiff and staged! While it’s important to include a few of the posed kind, I make sure to capture plenty of candid moments throughout your session.

Photy by Family Portrait Photographer, Liz Wade

What are the details of my session? Your family photo session will last approximately one hour, and you’ll receive between fifty and one hundred images, professionally captured and edited by me, a professional family portrait photographer.

Photo by Portland Family Portrait Photographer, Liz Wade

Where will my session take place? Here is a list of my recommended locations around Portland, Oregon. Aside from these, your session can take place in your home, or somewhere else that is near and dear to your heart.

Rose City Family Portrait Photographer - Liz Wade

Do you know the city well? Born and raised in Portland, I have been a photographer my entire professional career. I know and love this city, and the variety of locations that make for gorgeous family portraits. We really do have 4 seasons here, and I have many tricks for a successful session, whether we are faced with rain, snow, or sun!

Photo by Portland Family Portrait Photographer, Liz Wade

What do you primarily shoot? First and foremost, I consider myself a family photographer. I have many family clients that started as loving couples (engagement sessions!), and I’ve had the privilege of continuing to document their milestones as their families grow. From the newborn session to the graduation session, I’ve developed so many long-lasting relationships with my clients here in Portland!

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