Photo Booth Info & FAQ

Why rent a photo booth for my event?

Photo booths are a great addition to many types of parties; wedding receptions, sweet sixteens, company picnics, etc. They provide an opportunity for friends and strangers alike to gather, laugh, and capture a moment together.

How is yours unique?

Quality: unlike many photo booth companies, with us, you’ll actually get an experienced photographer behind the camera (however, you get to take your own picture!). In order to provide images that stand out from the rest, we use professional lighting, high-end camera equipment, and a variety of backdrops to create a scene that suits your event.

Flexibility: our open-layout booth provides your guests with more flexibility. We eliminate the cramped space so larger groups can squeeze into the frame. Plus, with instant image viewing, your guests don’t have to wait for a small strip of paper to print. This means that they will have time for as many re-takes as they desire. And, trust me, people like re-takes.

Fun: not only do we provide a variety of props, guests will have fun taking their own picture with the tap of a foot pedal. Since the foot pedal is instantly responsive, quick sequences of photos are made that lend themselves to fun time-lapse videos (an add-on feature that you might want to consider)!

Accessibility: During (or after, if the venue does not provide wifi) the event, guests can access their photos in an online password-protected gallery. It is very easy to find and download your photo. Use it for whatever you’d like!

Why don’t you print on-site?

Because you are not limited to a ‘count to 3, take 4 pictures’ rule like in old-fashioned photo booths. With the freedom of the foot pedal, you can take many photos in fast sequence – as fast as you can tap on the pedal! A printer would never be able to keep up. But don’t worry, because you still view your photos right away on the flat-screen monitor, and they are available immediately to easily download from your smartphone – which is great for sharing on social media!*

What does the setup look like? What is an “open-layout”? 

See a visual layout of the photobooth here!


I am happy to accommodate your needs. Please contact me with inquiries!

*Please note: immediate downloads are only available at venues that offer wifi.