Your Newborn Session: A Comfortable In-Home Experience

You’ve just settled in at home with your new baby. With me, there is no need to pack up and drive to a studio. Your home becomes the photo studio! I know that having company over in the first few weeks of your child’s life can be stressful. My goal is to make your newborn session as easy for you as possible. I’m able to adapt to any home situation and go with your flow. With a little bit of direction, we are capturing real moments amidst your new routine. Keep reading to learn about my approach and how to prepare for your in-home newborn photo session.

in-home newborn photography by Liz Wade

My approach to newborn sessions is a more candid lifestyle practice, even though we will be “posing” baby for some solo photos. In addition to those posed images, you’ll receive a mix of semi-directed photos of your family unit; you, the parent(s), holding baby; older siblings interacting with baby (grandparents and pets welcome, too!); baby solo (asleep or awake). Plus, opportunities always present themselves in between the moments that we planned. My clients consistently tell me afterward that they are surprised by the images they didn’t know I had captured!

in-home newborn photos by Liz Wade

Best Use of Your Home
The best part about booking a session with me is that you’ll experience it from the comfort of your living room! Not to mention the added benefit of preserving memories of the house that baby first called home. To compliment the space, I make as much use of the available natural light as possible. If needed, I will supplement with my softbox.  The living room, master bedroom, and nursery are the most commonly used spaces. No need have your whole house clean! I don’t use wide lenses, so we are generally only seeing a small section of the room (and for baby’s solo photos, we won’t see the room at all as the camera will be pointing directly down).

in-home newborn photos of sleeping baby by Liz Wade

My Tools/Props
I come prepared! Aside from bringing my camera and lenses best suited for the job, I also carry with me a wicker basket, 2-3 white/cream blankets, a SwaddlePro, a posing bean bag, and a PVC stand (which only takes a few minutes to assemble and creates a seamless backdrop).

in home newborn photo session with parents and baby by Liz Wade

Tips for a successful in-home newborn session

Prior to my arrival: open all your curtains/windows to let the light in, turn the heat up (75° is good for baby, even though we will be sweating!), and feed baby.

Have on hand: a warm bottle (unless you’re exclusively breast feeding), a noise machine (if you have one), a pacifier (unless you’re binky-less), burp rag, and any outfits/blankets that you’d like to include in the photos.

What to wear: solid, neutral tones photograph best and eliminate distraction from baby. I also recommend avoiding large graphics on clothing.

close up of newborn baby hand by Liz Wade


When should my newborn session take place? It’s best, if possible, to plan for the session to take place within baby’s first 14 days at home. That is when baby will be most sleepy and therefore cooperative for photos.

What if baby arrives late? No worries! We can just reschedule your session at no extra cost.

What time of day is best for my session? Almost all of my clients request 10 am for their session. It seems to be the magic hour!

How long will my session last? 2 hours is most common. Occasionally, sessions will take up to 3 hours when we have to account for extra fussiness, feedings, etc.

Can my newborn session take place in the hospital? I do offer a Fresh 48 session, which takes place in the hospital within the first 48 hours of birth. It is a short session without any props or modified lighting.

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